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Lab Data Management System for MATLAB

The Databaser is a system for consolidation, analysis, and management of laboratory data within MATLAB, from collection to publishing. The Databaser was developed and is maintained by Jason Kutch, Ph.D. The Databaser is most useful for experiments with human subjects, which often follow a Experiment / Session / Trial hierarchy. The Databaser is a MATLAB gui, and is designed to be platform-independent.

Download Databaser 2.3 (273 KB zip).

Installation instructions: Download and unzip the zip file above. Place the folder ("Databaser2-1") to a location of your choosing. Open MATLAB, and change directory to the location of "Databaser2-1". At the MATLAB prompt, type just to word Databaser so it looks like:
>> Databaser
and press enter. You are now up and running. There is no need to make any changes to the MATLAB path. Most elements in the Databaser have tooltip strings when they are hovered over.